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Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything at L’Artisane vegan?

Yes! Everything we make at L’Artisane is vegan.


What sugar do you use?

We use cane sugar. Florida Crystals or Domino from their plant in Yonkers. No bone char is used in the processing of the sugar we use at L’Artisane.


Do you have sugar-free products?

No, however, our products are low in sugar because we use a mix of sugar and inulin (fiber extracted from Chicory roots) in the making of the desserts, all of our products contain sugar.


How do you make your croissants vegan?

We use vegan butter and plant based milk. Our croissants contain Non hydrogenated palm oil from Ecuador. No orangutans were harmed in the making of our croissants!


What’s the shiny coat on your croissants?

It’s simple syrup, a basic mix of water and sugar.


You’re vegan, right? Then why does everything include sugar?

Vegan does not equal sugar-free. We are vegan for the animals and the planet! And you can save them both while having yummy and delicious food.


I have a nut allergy, what can I eat at L’Artisane?

We are so sorry about your allergies, and we care a lot about our customers. For that reason, we suggest that you abstain to eat here, we use all kind of nuts in our kitchen and cross contamination is very likely. 


Do you use cashews in any of your products?

No, we don’t use cashews in any of our products. 


What about soy free products? 

Our plain croissant is soy free, but anything with chocolate contains soy lecithin as an emulsifier 


How many calories are in your croissants?

Our plain croissant has 210 calories, since we are not required by law to have a complete nutritional breakdown of our products, we don’t have any other product info.


Do you have gluten-free croissants?

No, we don’t have gluten-free croissants. Gluten is key in the making of croissants.


What products are gluten-free?

Our macarons, desserts, salads, yogurt bowl, overnight oats, tiramisu waffles and pancakes can be made gluten-friendly. Which means that even though we do not use gluten in their preparation, they could have been cross contaminated.


I’m celiac, is there a possibility of cross contamination?

Unfortunately, yes. We do not recommend that you eat at L’Artisane if you suffer from celiac disease.


What kind of milk do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of plant based milks: soy, almond, oats. Ask for availability.

Where is the coffee from?

We use Lavazza, medium roast. 


What Decaf coffee do you use? 

Our decaf coffee is Colombia medium roast, that uses the Swiss water process. Low acidity, Non GMO.


What is the “egg yolk”  made out of ? 

It is made out of nutritional yeast and black Hawaiian salt.


What is Adashah?

Adashah is made of lentils, chick peas, flax seeds and turmeric, and is rich in natural plant-based healers. It is soy-free, gluten-free, organic meat alternative.


What Brand is the  VTE Pattie?

The brand of our VTE Pattie is Gardein and it contains Soy.


What kind of Mushrooms do you use in wild mushroom croissants?

We use Portobello, oyster and shiitake 


What kind of flour do you use in your macarons? 

We use almond flour 


What kind of chocolate do you use in the pain au chocolat?

We use Valrhona 48% dark chocolate imported from France.


What “cheese” do you use in your Guava and cheese Danish?

We use Tofutti cream cheese 


What is the cookie butter in your cookie butter croissant?

Our cookie butter croissants are filled with Biscoff cookie butter imported from Belgium.


What is the “beef” in the Beefless empanada?

Our famous beefless empanadas are filled with Gardein Ground beef  


What is Nocciolata?

Our best seller croissant is filled with hazelnut spread, It’s like Nutella but vegan 


What is organic on your menu?

Our Tofu and Our mixed greens are organic.


What Brand of milk do you use for the croissants?

We use almond milk, unfortunately what kind is undisclosed information.


Should I refrigerate my croissants?

Croissants are best when eaten fresh, but if you really want to save your goodies for later you should refrigerate them and reheat them in the oven at 350F for a couple of minutes when you are ready to eat them 


Can you share your recipes?

Unfortunately that is a company secret and is undisclosed to the public


Do you use monk fruit, dates, coconut sugar or stevia as an ingredient?

No we don’t. 


Does the coffee cake contain coffee?

No it doesn’t. Coffee Cakes don’t actually have coffee as an ingredient. Their name comes from them being the perfect match for your afternoon cafecito!


What brand of cheese do you use?

We use Follow your Heart, Violife and/or Daiya depending on availability.

What food coloring do you use for Macarons?

We use Artificial food colorings in very small amounts, less than one gram per 3 kg of a recipe.


What items contain soy in your menu?

Anything with chocolate has Soy Lecithin as an emulsifier.

Our pancakes and waffles are made with soy milk.

VTE croissant, CHUNK Steak, Eggless Croissant, Croque Monsieur Croissant, Buffalo Chicken Flatbread, Beefless Bourgignon as well.

Tofu chimichurri salad, also contain soy


******Our menu changes often, please contact our store manager in case of any doubt******

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